Helo LX Personal Bundle
Helo LX Personal Bundle
Helo LX Personal Bundle
Helo LX Personal Bundle
Helo LX Personal Bundle
Helo LX Personal Bundle

Helo LX Personal Bundle

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HELO™ LX  is not just a smartband. It is a personal device that monitors the Bio Parameters thanks to last generation sensors, completely different from those installed on generally available trackers or smartbands. Thanks to a dedicated app, HELO™ LX is not only able to monitor important parameters but is also able to provide hints to help you improve your life style.

HELO™ LX main features:

HELO™ monitors your bio parameters as hearth rate and breath rate and makes a complete analysis to indicate mood and energy.
Through a deep analysys, it also provides informations about the quality of your sleep and your lifestyle.

Get the best for your personal lifestyle with the Helo LX, Germanium Kit, and Bands Kit, all in a practical and convenient bundle.

HELO™ LX need a smartphone it uses a Bluetooth connection to work with your smartphone: you just need to download the dedicated app.

HELO™ LX is also able to monitor your parameters for 72 hours without Bluetooth connection and then it synchronizes data to the App as soon as you connect.


HELO™ LX battery is a high efficiency lithium battery. Its duration varies from 3 to 5 days, depending on the use of the device.

There is no need to turn HELO™ off since the device will go into standby as soon as the software detects little user activity.

Panic button

Pressing the button twice on the side of the HELO™ LX case, it activates a signal that sends a text message through your phone indicating your GPS location coordinates together with a preset SOS message to all your saved numbers.**

Monitor the wellness of my relatives and friends

You can, through WeCare. It is an advanced feature of the HELO™ App that allows you to add as many contacts as you like, in order to monitor their Bio parameters.

Your contacts will decide whether or not to allow you to read their data. It is a very useful function, especially in a family with children and the elderly.

Send The Date Dirctly to Your Doctor 

Data can be sent via email directly to the person that you want to. Your doctor will be able to evaluate your body behavior, day by day, and draw useful information for a better and more complete diagnosis.


The Personal Bundle includes one Helo LX, 3 titanium plates with 99.9 percent pure germanium stones and one Bands Kit with 5 fantastic colors.

HELO™ warranty

HELO™LX warranty lasts for 1 year from the moment of the purchase, as stated in the official documentation coming with the product.


  • 1x Helo LX Wristband 
  • 1x Germanium Kit (INCLUDED FOR FREE)
    • 3x titanium plates with 99.9 percent pure germanium stones
    • Certificate of authenticity
  • 1x Helo LX Bands Kit - with five colored bands
    • Candy Pink
    • Ultraviolet
    • Purple-Red
    • Royal Blue
    • Light Blue